Find out how to create your own PR like a professional

Get media coverage for your business without paying a PR Agency (just use our know how to do it yourself instead!)

PR is not just for big businesses with big budgets.

My first big results with PR were creating media coverage for my own businesses (with no budget other than my time). When I knew what worked, that’s when I understood you simply need a plan, and to do the work. Now with 3 years of running a successful PR Agency under my belt I’ve repeated this plan over and over. And now you can follow it too (without paying me a big retainer!).

Here’s what EPIC PR for Entrepreneurs gives you:

  • Know how to position yourself as an expert in your field, a thought-leader in your industry, or even a trailblazer amongst your peers (and know which one of those you want to be!)
  • Learn how to raise awareness about yourself and spread the word about your brand
  • Understand (and believe!) that you are not a “nobody” and that you do have something to say, that people want to listen to.
  • Show your prospects the value of your products and services
  • Know how to easily build credibility and manage your reputation
  • See how to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the media – both online and traditional print media (magazines & newspapers)
  • Know how to get speaking gigs in front of your target audience
  • Know how to promote your new book and get rave reviews
  • Learn how to launch your new product or service as the next ‘big thing’.
  • Speak to journalists with confidence and clarity.

If you’re a small business, with limited resources, but the time to take action, we’ll show you what to do.

Here’s how the How to Do Your Own PR programme works

The programme is delivered as online classes (1 video class per week for 12 weeks) plus a live 1-hour group Q&A session per week where we will answer your questions about PR.
The Adia PR team will also check your work throughout the programme (so while we say you have to ‘do it yourself’ you get access to our expertise to make sure it’s working for you).
You’ll receive templates, worksheets, and lists of resources, to make it as easy as possible to complete and compile your PR.
PLUS we will compile a targeted media contact list tailored for you and your business (this is a list of the journalists and media publications we recommend you need to be speaking with). As an Agency we pay more than £5000 per year to access these media lists, so this is very valuable!
AND we will also pass on all relevant journalist enquiries we receive while you are working through the the 90-day programme. We receive hundreds of requests every week from journalists asking for people to comment on stories, provide case studies and products for them to feature. We’ll let you know about any that are relevant to you so you can respond directly and start cultivating your own relationships with the journalists resulting in amazing coverage for you, and your business. This access to press enquiries is why our clients pay us retainers that start at £2k a month! But we’ll include this as service as part of the How To Do Your Own PR programme.

It’s most definitely not an exaggeration to say that in PR it’s very often WHO you know that gets you results, which is why we’ll be sharing our contacts with you as if you were a fully retained client (without the bill each month!).

How the course works

The course is delivered online – with video classes taking you through our 3 core Modules, with 4 classes for each. So that’s 12 classes delivered over 12 weeks.

New classes are delivered on a Monday, then every Friday each week we’ll host a live Q&A session online where you can ask questions, and get feedback on any work you’ve submitted during the week.

Module 1: Research & Clarity

  • Class 1: Positioning and Nailing your Big Deal
  • Class 2: Identifying your Target Audience (ideal customers) and Target Media
  • Class 3: Identifying and building your Target Journalists, Bloggers & Influencers List
  • Class 4: What’s Your Hook? Preparing your Key Messages and Story Ideas

Module 2: Media Relations

  • Class 5: Writing Press Releases that Journalists will Read!
  • Class 6: Preparing your Media Kit
  • Class 7: Get organised! Preparing your 2017 PR Planner
  • Class 8: Mastering the Art of Pitching to Journalists

Module 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (not all PR is good PR!)

  • Class 9: Bad PR? Handling Negative Press and Reviews
  • Class 10: Dealing with Press Interviews
  • Class 11: Preparing Case Studies
  • Class 12: Promoting your brand by Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasts

Each week you will be assigned actions to move you towards your goals. And when you complete the course you have a fully-functional PR plan – and it will already be on track.

In just 12 weeks you’ll have EPIC PR for your business!

We get started on Monday 30 January 2017


This is the first time we’ll be delivering the classes in this format (we currently offer this content as a live workshop, and obviously follow it ourselves!) but we wanted to offer an online training to make it easy to ‘DIY’. And while we are offering support and reviews throughout, we also want to make sure all the content works. In return for a (significantly!) reduced price for this pilot, we simply ask that you be willing to provide constructive feedback and honest reviews at the end of the programme.

To secure your place simply click on the button below.

  • Normal price:£995
  • Price: £495 +VAT

Join us and let 2017 be the year you and your business finally attract the attention you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to make this work?

You need to be able to devote 3–4 hours per week for this programme. 1–2 hours to listen to the weekly video and do the exercises and another 1–2 hours to attend or listen to the Q&A session and revise if necessary your work.

I have no PR experience

Not a problem at all – this is a beginner’s course for small business owners. It’s not a course teaching you how to become a PR Pro to go work in an agency. It’s teaching you the essentials to understand how PR will help your business.

I am a terrible writer

Says who? Some PR opportunities don’t require you to do any writing – the journalist will do it for you. But some you will have to provide content. We can teach you how to structure your press releases and media pitches. If you’re really struggling we can offer an additional Done For You service at an additional cost.

Do I need to have a website?

If you’re going to promote yourself and/or your business you need to have somewhere or something to send people to if they’re interested to find out more. So ideally yes you should have a website. But if you have a specific case where you think it isn’t necessary, get in touch and we can discuss it.

What type of businesses does this work for?

All types of businesses need to be proactive with their PR to build a strong and credible reputation and attract their ideal clients.

About Adia PR

AdiaPR-logoAdia PR was founded by Alison Shadrack, a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of connections and a great nose for a great story. Alison’s passion for good PR is at the heart of everything she does, which is why you’ll find her listed as one of the UK’s Top 100 Media Influencers in the entrepreneurial space.

Founder of two international ecommerce businesses and PR advisor to some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and disrupters, Alison has built an enviable reputation that keeps her little black book growing. Still, she takes this all in her stride and is just as enthusiastic to work with young entrepreneurs and start-ups as she is with those at the top of their game.

Her boutique PR agency has been created off the back of solid experience, connections and a love of the job and she has put together a team of PR professionals dedicated to getting you noticed. These creatives are world-class at building bespoke campaigns that will grab you the medias attention.

They know which magazines are looking to cover your business, where to get media coverage, why your social media marketing is not working and why you’re not selling tickets to your event.

When you work with Adia, you’ll learn that it’s the understanding of your business and attention to detail that sets them apart.

What people say about Adia PR

Adia have been an incredible support to my business over the last few months, they have been like an extended part of the Too Fat to Run team, which until recently consisted of me and me alone, taking the time to understand the direction of my work and helping to source opportunities for PR that I hadn’t originally considered. The value they have given has been amazing and the ladies in the team are a joy to work with.

Julie Creffield

Too Fat to Run

Adia PR was great to work with from brainstorming the best course of action through to executing tasks. I particularly liked the detailed plan presented at the start. This helped to bring clarity to the intensity of a 4 week Kickstarter campaign. Alison & her team were on call throughout & helped to raise awareness for our brand. Notable success was getting an article written in the ‘i’ Independent Paper, which brought in a significant trade order. The team want you to do well & explore the best avenues which will increase exposure in your chosen time.

Ed Flood


Adia PR greatly helped our exposure, getting us coverage in relevant magazines. This was much cheaper than paying for an advert in the same publications. We will definitely use ADIA PR again and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Simon Crowther

Flood Protection Solutions

Adia PR have been instrumental in helping us obtain coverage from top tier news organisations.

Farah Radford


Choosing Adia PR as our partner quickly proved to be the right decision for us. They have a clear vision of how a new and disrupting product should be launched.

Riitta Mettomaki


Adia PR are experts in thinking outside the box – crowdfunding campaigns, social media promotion, product launches; they can and have done it all. Adia PR is a bit like rocket fuel for a business as they seem to have a bottomless pit of ideas and ways to promote your business to a global audience!! A five star recommendation

Becky Benfield